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Your village called, their idiot is missing.

Boldly Going Nowhere

Alena G
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Life's way too short to stay on topic
You can't be late until you show up.

Bio: Okay I'm 15.f.MI that is probably all you need to know about me.

I'm into different types of music, much of which is hated on by my peers (such as Eminem, Avril Lavegne, Keith Urban, Greenday, Incubis, Linkin Park, TATU, etc...)

I was born in Russia and I moved here when I was 3.

I'm in Cross Country and I love sports. I aspire to play drums someday.

I work in a filth hole which pays $5 an hour minus $1 an hour for tips. So it's $4 an hour plus like $12 a night in tips. I'm a busser at a restaurant.

I go to SLHS and my dad is like Russian dictator and tells me what to do and has almost complete control over my life, except for when I'm not around him.

That is why I'm so excited for when I get my car (April 23rd of this year)